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PF Changs – What you don’t know will hurt you

This is – Restaurant Review: PF Changs – What you don’t know will hurt you. When I look back at over 400 blogs that I have done since 2011, including Restaurant Reviews regularly, there’s only one time I can think of that I mentioned anything negative about a restaurant, because it’s a tough industry and I’m not looking to put anyone out of business.

So now for the second time in 8 years, I’m going to tell you what my undercover work has discovered from another industry insider. I do hope that this gets back to PF Changs and they actually understand they can’t get away with what they are doing, for the sake of your health.

Ok. Here’s the question: what are the two dangerous things being done to affect your health, when they cook your food at PF Changs?


Good guess. But no. They’re not adding msg. Try again….

Can’t guess? Well, neither could I. My investigation started with the ribs. They are boiled for hours with spices, cut into portions and then as each order comes in, how do they cook it? They DEEP FRY it. Why? Because it’s a quicker way to cook food in their limited kitchen. I have been complaining continuously because sometimes they are stringy and impossible to eat and for me. It’s been a real hit or miss, even with some ribs being perfect and others not even in the same batch. 

This past week I ordered the ribs and found out they are deep fried. No wonder I’m having these problems! Ribs are supposed to cook low and slow in an oven, not be deep fried and smothered in sauce, (even if their sauce is very good). 

But wait! There’s more. How about vegetables?

Everything they cook including vegetable is DEEP FRIED

Everything they cook including vegetables are DEEP FRIED

Actually, looks healthy right? I’m not sure about this dish in particular (I nabbed it off their website) but MOST if not all of their vegetables that are cooked, are deep fried in Soybean oil because it cooks faster. Take a look at their delicious eggplant dish with or without chicken. 

Did you know when you are eating that dish you are consuming almost a half a cup of oil with every meal? Any idea of how many calories that is?

Well I looked it up.

And here ya go!

Amount Per 0.5 cup (109 g)
Calories 832
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 109 g 167%
Saturated fat 16 g 80%
Polyunsaturated fat 50 g
Monounsaturated fat 12 g
According to the USDA there are over 800 calories in just oil, in that dish. Whoot? Do you see 16 grams of Saturated Fat? Ok my friend. I’m not kidding here. And if all this was not true, I would not be making such a fuss.

On top of that, insiders tell me I would be amazed at the amount of sugar and salt that goes into most every dish. Now as a Chef I understand layering flavors sometimes requires salt and then sugar to counter balance it, to make it yum. I’m just concerned about the levels of sugar and salt. Perhaps next time you go you should ask them…..

And now, I have to find a new favorite Chinese Restaurant in San Diego. I like Szechwan Mandarin, but it’s really far in Mission Valley. So help a girl out and make some recommendations!


Happy Healthy Eating,

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