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Chef Marian Cooking Club and Events

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Cookbooks & Classes. Those are the two best things to use, to get you further on your path to Happy Cooking, and Happy Eating! And then of course, there’s the Chef Marian Cooking Club and the books that walk you through concepts of cooking!

It’s not easy to know how to cook without fear of failure. I remember procrastinating. I remember wishing I could. But now, after decades of trying, studying, experimenting and taking classes myself, I can assure you it’s possible. You can understand how Food is Your Best Medicine. You can go healthy or ‘decadent’ (when you want), and understand flavor balancing with salt, coconut sugar, herbs and spices (what to add, how much and why).

There’s so much to it that I am still learning myself. But with all my traveling, tasting and classes I can give you what I know. I spent 6 months interviewing  a nutritionist, to gather everything I currently know health wise, I traveled the globe for 3 years taking cooking classes, food & wine pairing classes, cooking in restaurants and eating at Michelin Star Restaurants developing my own palate. Plus I research every time I write our ChefMarian.com blog with over 600 entries over the past 8 years.

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1.- Cooking Good with Chef Marian – The Philosophies of a Healthy Chef

Learn the tricks to my famous and delicious “Veggie Sandwich” plus learning the answers to ‘why’ for “Eating Salad and Drinking Water” plus you will read “Winner! Winner! My Shrimp Dinner”! Enjoy great advise about Halloween and sugar for the kids, controlling how you think and concepts for living your best life! It’s a great book!


2. – “Dairy/Sugar and Gluten Free (Not as Much FUN As I Use to Be)”

Intriguing articles like “I don’t agree with Dr. Mamet Oz”, “Superfood Recipes – Making Raw Crackers” and “Tips for a Healthier You”. They are witty, quirky and lots of fun. You will laugh while you learn! This walks you through concepts and recipes on how to use Food as Your Best Medicine!


3. Chef Marian/Marissa CM2 – Great Ideas and Recipes from Two Healthy Chefs

I teamed up with Chef Marissa of The Intuitive Kitchen to create this “Sugar/Dairy/Gluten Free Recipe Book. There’s “Totally Wild Rice”, “Asian Noodle Salad” and “Chef Marian’s GF/Vegan Lasagna” as well as some of my articles like “The WOW of Water Drinking”, “Notice How You Feel After a Meal” and GMO… Ho! Ho! Ho”! All funny and informative! A great read with great instruction!


4.- Chef Marian’s Events – $50 Fundraiser for Kitchens for Good Thanksgiving Meals

Chef Marian is the Lead Chef for a special event in November that will feed 100-120 people for Thanksgiving and if given enough resources can create events throughout the year in schools, for people who can’t get out or just don’t have the funds for food. To be informed about all events please join San Diego Foodies™ or Euro Lovers and Friends on meetup. To donate here: Simply click on ‘add to cart’, pay with a credit card or PayPal and you’re ‘good to go’. If you would like to donate more you change the number of $50 payments to equal the amount you would like to donate! We thank you for your kindness and making a difference to those who need your help. Spread the love!


5.- San Diego Singles Event $35.00

Join San Diego Foodies and Euro Lovers and Friends for a fabulous Singles Meetup. Chef Marian is preparing ‘tastings of food and wine’, plus games and introductions to make your two hours fun! Clicking here also automatically enters you into a free raffle. This is all about enjoying a great Friday night out! Check the calendar for dates.


6.- Egg Roll Cooking Class $12.95

Join Chef Marian for a cooking class hosted at one of our members homes. This is a great opportunity to first watch then practice your own egg roll making skills that will include several different types including an apple egg roll for dessert! Come learn! Come play!

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