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Natural Food Expo Report

Hi! Chef Marian back from Anaheim with the Natural Food Expo Report! Time for you to review their ‘Nexty Awards’…. what’s new in the marketplace.

It’s way easier with pictures, although a blog or article does require the words as well. So I’ll show ya then tell ya! Always keep in mind that these are just some of (not all of) the winners picked out at The Natural Food Expo. These are either on your store shelves now, or will be in the next year or two. Best bet? Look for them on the web!

Best New Special Packaged Foods

Best New Organic Food

Here’s the Best New Special Packaged Foods (that’s Chick Peas with all kinds of veggies and spices) and Fermented Organic Vegetables in packs. Since we all know or are coming to know how good fermented food is for your health, it makes me happy to see more vegetables being fermented and packages to take ‘on the go!

I personally prefer fresh vegetables to anything else however these days are so busy that sometimes you do have to take something to ‘grab and go’. And that’s probably why I am happy to see more choices in this category with better options.

Sweet Earth Natural Foods Mediterranean Veggie Burger

Most known for its colorful, globally inspired, veggie-packed frozen bowls, Sweet Earth also makes a mean veggie burger. The Mediterranean Veggie Burger launching this spring is a vibrant and bold burger packed with organic chickpeas, mushrooms, barley, quinoa and more. Each patty packs 12 grams of plant protein and 5 grams of fiber.

I also do want to say that I have a preference. Beast Burger puts out a Beyond Meat patty that is absolutely incredible. Just take your favorite vegan thousand island dressing, add lettuce, tomato and onion AND you won’t know you’re not eating beef!

I love the idea of being able to use dishwasher soap that’s green. So here’s a company that has won awards!


Here’s what the company has to say about its’ product: “These single dose packs clean the dirtiest of dishes without toxic chemicals like phosphates, bleach, or chlorine. Replace grease and baked-on foods with a squeaky clean and a sparkling shine”.

They provide all kinds of chemical free products. So I’m going to try everything they have to try and get chemicals out of my life.

Now keep in mind, you can always use vinegar and lemon to clean things naturally. But I want to see if we have gotten better product (that works better than some of the past product on the shelves) so that it’s easier and healthier. That’s a two for one deal!


Best New Animal Based Product

Simply West Coast Bacon Style Salmon

When they started creating vegan products that look and taste like the real thing, I knew it was only a matter of time until they started conforming and flavor profiling one protein into another. And here it is! Smoky, bacon-y strips of sustainably sourced, wild-caught salmon spiced up with gluten-free, non-GMO products and it’s kosher. The strips cook up tender and deliver not just a lean bacon alternative, but the added umami and (not fishy!) flavor complexity of keta salmon.

Amazing, huh?

The Expo mentions an allergy epidemic as a reason that people are coming out with all new products for everyone to enjoy. Is it an epidemic? Or are people finally realizing that sometimes feeling bad is directly related to what they are eating and their bodies ability or inability to process it? OR is it that with the internet and all the social media we’re just hearing about it these days?

More new choices from The Natural Food Expo trip, in the next blog!

Happy Healthy Eating,


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