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Native Foods – Restaurant Review Update

Two years ago this month, I reviewed Native Foods in Encinitas on ChefMarian.com and Yelp.

I thought I would run an update for you.

I have spent a lifetime trying to help, not hurt chefs. So while I still do restaurant reviews, my goal is to bring you ‘the best’.

Rarely in all my years of blogging and reviewing have I made public, information about the dishes I didn’t like, rather I dwell on what’s good and what you should order.

I was looking through my blogs, and yelp and noticed that when I was reviewing True Foods on Yelp, I made comments about Native Foods.

While I still think it’s a great idea to have an alternate choice, another place to eat food with someone who is vegan, or to eat if you are vegan yourself, I am very disappointed to learn their produce is not 100% organic.

I don’t know about you, but on my ‘hit list’, organic comes ahead of anything else I am going to consider eating.

So that puts me at True Foods, the Fashion Valley Mall for each and every Mother’s Day (and whatever excuse I can come up with to get to that restaurant). But I haven’t been to Native Foods since learning that they are serving vegans non organic veggies. Don’t they understand that being vegan is a clean lifestyle? Shame on them!

I hope this will be a year that many of the restaurants step up and create organic dishes on their menus. I can’t stress this enough: if you want great flavor, even when you are cooking at home, start with organic. It means you don’t have to worry if something is GMO or not, your body doesn’t have to fight to process chemicals and other lovely things that come your way when you are eating non-organic, and over all, it’s just a way better lifestyle.

You know what they say, yes? Pay now, or you’ll pay later (with hospital bills). Garbage in…. garbage out.

Let’s take this New Year to start discriminating. We can support restaurants that are doing it right. We can support the produce that makes sense for us. And we can stand up and be counted, one person at a time.


Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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