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Let’s be healthy but not deprived on Holidays!

Rudi's Bread

Wow. Wow. WOW!

Let’s be healthy but not deprived!

Easter Sunday  …. with all the pretty pastel colors…. all the chocolate…. all the cute little bunnies and peeps!

I really feel like brunch, like Eggs Benedict.


ha…ha…. no, I mean I really could enjoy a nice, yummy breakfast. And one of my little secrets is: Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread!

Now, you know you can make Eggs Benedict and have one poached egg…. with a sauce that’s as good as Hollandaise without butter? (See my blog on Eggs Benedict ~ I use a yolk, a dab of coconut oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and bits of proscuitto instead of canadian or regular bacon, but you still get the flavor). But why do we have to eat bread that makes us sluggish and tired after the meal? Especially if we’re allergic to Gluten and have all kinds of reactions?

You see …………you can really get used to just about anything. So if you say: It looks like Eggs Benedict, smells like Eggs Benedict… what follows?


Tastes like…….


Yep. And when you toast Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread, you can take a silver ring and cut out a round piece that serves as the bottom, much like an English Muffin…. but guess what? It’s better for you…. and you feel lighter after having eaten it.

It’s amazing to me that I don’t really need the English Muffin…. just something on the bottom that’s a bread to bring the entire dish together.

So consider that the next time you have people for brunch. And beyond that…. experiment! Go for a week not eating Gluten (bread, pasta, etc). And see if you feel any better. I know that I had no idea I had any reaction to Gluten, until I tried that.

And then when I went in search of Gluten Free Bread… I got mostly dried out hard rocks, not bread. And that’s no yolk! lol

But Rudi’s is famous for their high quality bread. So you know that when they created their Gluten Free version, it had to be good. Only because that’s what they do for a living! Organic, non GMO, Soy Free and Dairy Free (except for the egg whites they use, to keep the Gluten Free bread together).

So if you’re really doing mindful eating…. it’s really the way to go.

And the people that work for Rudi’s and the Gluten Free division are strong believers in what they do ~ and it always feels good to talk to people who care (I bumped into them at a booth at The Natural Food Show a month or so back).

So my friends, I hope your holidays were great… and that you can now consider shifting how you think about the food you create!

I know I have!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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