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Lady Parts

Hey! I know this is a food and nutrition blog, but we are not just about food.

We are about living your best life? Right? 


And I know that some of my 30,000 readers are men. So to the men I say: Think of someone you care about and pass this on. Today’s blog is about health and Lady Parts!

I have to thank my daughter for bringing this to my attention. Do you know that all that scratching and itching during warmer months may be a quick easy fix? Outside of cutting out sugar, which creates inflammation, I had never thought about what I wipe myself with and how that can be an irritant.

Take a look at this brand…… Seventh Generation. I get it at Jimbo’s.

Toilet Paper

If you read the fine print, you will find that it is whitened without chlorine bleach. Did you even know that you are putting chlorine bleach right up against your private parts?

I guess I can stop being a sexist and say YES MEN, you are also wiping yourself as well, with bleach.  

My favorite thing to do is realize what may be wrong and discover something better. I have been using this bathroom tissue paper for a year now so this is first hand feedback. I’m much more comfortable without chlorine in my bathroom tissue paper.

So check it out to see what you are really needing, instead of just listening to commercials and mindlessly buying.

My latest and greatest is of course changing out your toilet paper.

You will live better with it.

Healthy Happy Eating and Living,

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