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Holiday ‘moments’ and food! From Chef Marian!

I don’t know. We all have our Holiday ‘moments’, don’t we? Sad because you’re missing someone who has passed, or knowing your life isn’t what it once was. Or maybe you’re like me, without a special someone in your life right now. But let’s make a pact: to Deck the Halls and be strong this holiday by drinking way less, and enjoying bites of food, instead of plates of food. Don’t be victim to the traditional ten pound holiday gain!

C’mon! You know what things taste like…. One bite, two bites, three bites? You’re good! Be a mindful eater! You can do it!

Let’s take a look at a couple of Vegan things you can put out for a ‘go to’ for people at the party trying to fill up on things that are good for ya! And things you can stock in the fridge for your own urges.

Before we start, I want to say something about eating raw. Lots of people are doing it these days. Before you attempt a raw diet? Talk to your doctor, or research it on the web. I’ve talked with people lately who say they got gall stones, and other body parts started shutting down from eating only raw. And every body is different. So that’s not to say it will happen to you. But… a word of caution. Do your research!

Quinoa Salad with Annie's Woodstock Dressing

Quinoa Salad with Annie’s Woodstock Dressing

And what’s raw? Veggies my friend. Everybody wants to see veggies with a dip. But this year? Go experiment at Jimbo’s or Whole Foods and take a look at their vegan salad dressing choices. Pretty darn good and different. Annie’s Naturals has Woodstock – a savory blend of tahini and tomato. Can’t be bad, right? No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives.

And we always like a nice big salad, right?

Holiday ‘moments’ …. Holiday moments…. Not using food to feel better…. Hmmmm….

You notice what I’m doing tonight? Days before Christmas and I’m eating a Quinoa Salad at 6pm for dinner with nothing more for the evening. Try doing that a couple of nights this holiday, to give your body a break! lol

What else… what else? Hummus? Red Pepper Hummus? The easiest thing on the planet to make. Just blend a red pepper with a can of garbanzo beans, a tablespoon or less ~ according to your taste of tahini (sesame seed paste), plus a couple of cloves of garlic, a lemon juiced and maybe some of the skin used for more flavor? And BOOM! You’ve got hummus! And just throw a couple of heads of garlic into the oven… 350 degrees for an hour or two. Always good as a spread…. (they squeeze right out of their wrappers like butta)!

But I’m trying to find something exceptional for the holidays.

And I’m sorry to say this but the things vegans do well is ….?

Desserts. Go to Jimbo’s. You’ll be amazed at how good the pumpkin pie is…. or even some of the other desserts and cookies you would never think to eat.

Ok. Ok. I’ve got it. Want to do something insanely special and time consuming days before? Make Stuffed Artichokes and instead of using bacon or procuitto in the breadcrumbs? Do vegan breadcrumbs, or make your own, drying out vegan bread…. caramelize onions or shallots and mushrooms and if you really want to get crazy? Add soy sausage or tempeh. Run to the store NOW! Run Forest! Run!


All right. Ok. CLICK HERE and watch an old video of mine that shows how early one Thanksgiving morning, I did my Artichokes for the camera. Sad. No Makeup. No hair guy. And really, REALLY way to early for Chef Marian to be up, let alone working!

I will keep you updated as I continue to search for, create and try out incredible vegan recipes that will make the one’s I love ‘happy, happy’ this holiday season!

I know for sure roasted chestnuts are on the menu! Yeeeaaah!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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