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Hide the Vegetables, Mom and Dad!

Hide the Vegetables

Hide the Vegetables

Doesn’t that look yummy? A nice pasta dish! Doesn’t matter what kind of pasta you use…. so if healthy is your game go with whole grain or quinoa pasta. Otherwise, I like to buy Organic.

And that’s the best way to Hide the Vegetables!

You start with a nice size onion. Cook it in the pan until brown. What that means is: put the pan on high, add onions and once they start cooking, turn it down to medium.

One of the mistakes we all make, whether it’s steak or pasta is: we turn or mix, or poke the food, well before it’s time.

So just leave the onion. Give it a good 5 minutes, then stir! Once they’re caramelized (brown) you can add what you like: mushrooms, garlic, green and red peppers, tomatoes, some fresh basil, etc. The idea is to use less pasta and more vegetables, over time. We think it’s the pasta, but trust me! If you have less pasta it’s better for you, plus each bite of pasta somehow tastes better!

I like to shred a little parmesan and in this dish. This time around I also melted onion cheese. It sort of tastes like a Mac and Cheese Marinara. Hey! That’s a good name for it!

This kind of creativity comes from eating at a Paul Bocuse Restaurant in Lyon, France. It was his Italian place. I ordered spaghetti, just to see what he might do with it. So, I’m eating through a delicious marinara sauce with fresh pasta and half way down…. surprise! Quelle Suepreeze! A béchamel sauce. Tasted that first then combined it with the marinara that was left in the bowl. And boy! Was that YUM!

So that’s where I learned that little trick of blending two wonderful flavor profiles!

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Even with left overs. Your imagination is your limit!

Happy Eating,

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