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Heartburn. What those pills can do for you, or should I say TO you! From Chef Marian!

I just love to bring you the latest chatter on the web and tv. I’m like a nutrition gossip! But I do my homework, so gossip is the place I start. Especially when it seems to be a ‘find’ or makes sense! Or better yet? Any time I hear something that explains something I really don’t understand, I just assume that you don’t get it either, and start researching.

So let’s start with that.


You are very welcome!

I don’t understand commercials that tell you to take a pill to relieve heartburn after the fact. Why don’t you just do some research and let food be your medicine? Preventative medicine…. No?


But so many people are taking these pills… both over the counter and prescribed that I need to know what those pills do… and here’s what I found: Medications for heartburn deplete you of Magnesium.

Magnesium is something we need in our diet…. and I know it stabilizes the levels of potassium and calcium that are in the body. I always tie Magnesium and ‘heart healthy’ together. And I always say eat your spinach with a red pepper, because the vitamin C in the pepper helps you absorb Magnesium better. But I guess there’s more to know.

(But wait! There’s more)! lol

According to WebMD Magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady. But the also warn that “Magnesium supplements may not be safe for people who take diuretics, heart medicines, or antibiotics”. WebMD is suggesting as well that if you have diabetes? Consult a doctor first.

Nice.... from Farmer Leo's Place!

Nice…. from Farmer Leo’s Place!

I say ‘let’s hit the foods before the supplements. Here they are:

  • Green, leafy vegetables, like spinach
  • Nuts
  • Beans, peas, and soybeans
  • Whole-grain cereals

Well, those are all the things I eat. So I’m good!

More info from WebMD:

People who are difficient in Magnesium may:

  • Have kidney disease
  • Have Crohn’s disease or other conditions that affect digestion
  • Have parathyroid problems
  • Take antibiotics or drugs for diabetes and cancer
  • Are older adults
  • Abuse alcohol

I know about thyroid problems but I don’t even know what parathyroid means…. Let me see… WOW! We have parathyroid glands?


I guess so. According to Wiki, The major function of the parathyroid glands is to maintain the body’s calcium level within a very narrow range, so that the nervous and muscular systems can function properly.

So if you have parathyroid, that could be a very big deal!

Edjumacation! How I love it! Don’t you?


Good! Hope you enjoy these blogs and they fill you with new information so that you can make intelligent decisions too. Not to commit to anything, but I have noticed I’m blogging daily these days, (no life – lol) cause things just seem to be coming up that I feel I need to dig into and research for ya!

Talk tomorrow?

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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