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Fruits and Wetcha ta bulls…. Um, er I mean Vegetables

Aaawwww……C’mon! You know it’s cute… Fruits and wetcha ta bulls? Not great for my SEO ratings, but what the hay! I write like I think and don’t want anything to get in the way of being authentic.

And you wanna hear this? (sure you do)….. 6 months of trying my ‘in house’ Internet which is on and off spriratically for no particular reason….. And with a Verizon stick already replaced once and once working, I find myself once again without Internet. But wait! Apple to the rescue! I have an iPad. I have nothing loaded on it, no photoshop to edit pictures….. But at least I can blog! Nothing stops Chef Marian! Where’s my cape? Leaping off a building in a single bound? I can DO anything. Get me my cape, will ya?

So let me tell you about my new Fruit and Vegetable series.

The one thing that has dawned on me recently is that I don’t know how to check for every kind of good fruit and vegetable. Do you? I thought I did, but wait till you get to a store! Now, i won’t kid ya…… I know most of them, but not all. So when my friend Michael said “I want to show you something at the market…. And can we find one that has both regular and organic produce”?…. I thought……. “hmmmm… I’ll bet he’s going to show me, explain to me the genetic differences between the two (being the farmer scientist that he is).

Well, I was in for way more fun than that.

And so my friends, starting tomorrow, (even if I have to go sit at a coffee shop to do it), I start a 3 Part Series (one blog per week) about the right color, right texture, right amount of potassium, sodium or boron used when growing fruits and veggies and how you can clearly tell if for example, if an apple or melon is going to be sweet or not.

Do you know the right things to look for when picking onions, apples, cantelope, watermelon, squash, red peppers, tomatoes and lemons, just to name a few? Do you know genetically the difference between short and tall fruits and veggies or what that means to you flavor wise?

I thought not. And neither did I 100% before taking my trek to the store with ‘soothsayer, Master of Fruits and Veggies’ and more important my friend Michael, willing to share that with me, so that I can share it will you. He doesn’t do this for a living mind you, but his family did. That’s why i think, he has such an intense passion for this…… And to that end, I’m grateful!

So ‘get your magic twangers out froggie (twangers rhymes with hangars and I can’t tell you where i got this from), cause we are starting this series tomorrow!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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