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Fiesta del Sol is here! Join Chef Marian for a fun Sunday afternoon!

Fiesta Del SolFiesta del Sol……Party in the sun….. We do it every year in Solana Beach and this year is no exception.

Like to join San Diego Foodies on meetup? There’s a group of us going!

The thing I like most about this event is the level of energy and creativity. And of course every year we get Atomic Groove (one of my all time favorite bands) for free!

Did I mention this is a free event?


Yep. It’s free with all kinds of booths and home made items, photography, artwork, etc. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Or Saturday if you like. It’s on both days!

I think that’s what I like most about this part of the world. The surf. The sun. The free spirited artistic people just being who they are…..

Now, as your Chef, I do recommend you eat before you go, unless it’s one of your ‘off the radar’ days…. the ‘junk food r us’ kinda day. This will certainly give you your fill, if that’s the game plan.

And of course there’s the beer garden. And if you’re junkin’ out, the Reader has a pretty good deal that gets you 4 beers (isn’t that about two beers too many? lol), a meatball sandwich (I’m sure on white bread) and a cup of coffee for $20.

Could ya at least bring a bag of baby carrots and nibble on those to offset the junk?


What was I thinkin’! I’m the only person that does that kind of thing, cause I know that fruits and veggies keep your body Alkaline, so you’re adding acid with the junk, then neutralizing it with the Alkaline. Disease can’t grow, heart disease and cancer can’t come in an Alkaline body. Ok. I’ve said my peace. Go for it! Click on the word ‘Reader’¬†above and it will bring you to the deal, but please wait until you’ve finished reading my blog! lol

Ok. Ok. You can’t wait?


Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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