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Eat for your health! Put the brakes on, now!

Coffee Flan with Sugar Cookie

Coffee Flan with Sugar Cookie

Do we ever consider that you should eat for your health? And that sometimes we need to re-evaluate and put the brakes on?

For years and years and years, I ate sugar. If you opened my purse, you might find some mints or a roll of candy. And we never thought anything of it when we were younger and came home from school and finished off a box of Entemanns’ donuts or cookies and milk….

Never thought once about eating ice cream more than once a day. Never considered it a problem to stop at a candy store and walk out with a bag of candy and eat that all day at school even during classes….

Do you know that sugar forces you to eat more sugar, even just a candy you grab on your way out of a restaurant? And that sugar creates inflammation in your body and that can lead to disease?


You bet. New studies are out that it’s not the sat fat killing you, it’s the inflammation from the sugar. I’ve written close to 300 blogs and I’ll bet at least 100 of them mention sugar in some way. Click here to see just one. It explains the details of what’s going on inside….and I want you to know because when you know better you do better.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to be a saint. An occasional treat isn’t going to kill you. And 1, 2 or 3 bites of anything isn’t going to break the bank either.

It’s those constant trips to the store, buying something sweet because you’re either celebrating something or feeling bad. Emotional eating. We’ve all been there. Or going to the movies and buying a huge bag of Twizzlers and finishing the bag, instead of eating 1, 2 or 3. Because you know, after a couple of well chewed savored bites, you are satiated and satisfied. I think we just think we need to finish. That’s the problem right there.

Wanna know what I do, when I want some licorice for a movie? I go to a candy store that sells in bulk and buy 3 pieces, 3 sticks of licorice and really enjoy.  Another great thing to do is follow it with a fruit or veggie (I sometimes bring a piece of fruit into the movie) because that brings your body back to alkaline and (say it with me)… disease cannot grow in an alkaline body.


Why thank you! Thank you very, very much. lol

I just want us all to live long, healthy lives. To not have the aches and pains our grandparents did.

You know it doesn’t take much to become a ‘mindful’ eater and really enjoy the experience. You just have to decide that’s what you want to do. Dr. Andrew Weil says it best: “How sweet it isn’t”…. (when it’s killing you)!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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