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Dr. Andrew Weil speaks at The Natural Food Show, Friday March 7, 2014

I’d put a picture up. But the computer is still processing….. and I want to get this blog up pronto! Dr. Andrew Weil, a frickin’ rock star in my world, spoke at The Natural Food Show today. I had never seen him up close and personal before. Never got to say: “Hi! I blog about you all the time” like I did today. And I must say, he is 10 times more inspirational live, then reading his magazines and books. I could sit and listen to him all day….. He is and has a history of information and while probably not everything anyone says is 100% accurate, (but much like me) he is saying we should not use ourselves as guinea pigs and wait for the studies and data to come in, to determine if a product is safe or not. Just like me, he is saying it’s a jungle out there…. with mixed messages and us not knowing what to believe.

Just like me, he tells the audience that our food is not what it once was. I wanted to ask him, “What foods do you know for sure, our bodies do not process”? I am sure he has answers beyond what I have already told you in my other blogs. But I never got to ask that question.

Instead, I got to listen to him say things like: “The wheat hasn’t really changed. It our guts, our enzymes and our ability to process that creates our need to be gluten free”. Do you think that’s brilliant?


Well I do. That makes way more sense than the things the media has been feeding us. And that’s why I like Andrew Weil so much. He introduces simple concepts that make sense.

Antibiotics? Not necessary most of the time… but they do change what’s going on inside. If we would only let this great machine called the body, do its’ job, without interfering? The body knows how to heal itself.

And here’s another ka-winky-dink.  I knew I was going to blog on this trip, but did not know he was a keynote speaker….. so I took his magazine with me, to see what he’s talking about, to inspire me, and get me to investigate more things about what he says, comparing and contrasting to see if he’s on the money or not. Well, I hate to say this…. but there hasn’t been a time he’s not right on the money.

I love, Loved, LOVED how he puts things. “Stop drinking sweetened liquids”. Helloooo! Does that mean soda and juice? No. That means all sweetened liquids. That means teas, protein shakes, coconut water (cause you know some of them are sugared) or anything sweetened. Nice. Good job Dr. Weil.

And if you cut out sugar and flour? That’s your new diet… your new lifestyle that will absolutely slim you down.


Well, maybe he didn’t give an absolute. But it’s certainly a good start! lol

And that’s what I really liked about listening to him. There were certain things he was willing to give a blanket generalization on like: “humans cannot process fructose”. You ROCK Andrew. And I am pretty sure that yesterdays dairy, isn’t today’s dairy and our bodies cannot process milk. Milk does a body good? It’s just not allowed to be used, these days.

Well, that was my question, (that I waited at the microphone for what seemed like an eternity never got to ask). What are the foods we really can’t process these days? (Of course, just as I got up to the microphone he said: ‘No more questions’….. so I never got to ask him). But that’s a good question to research for my next blog. Every negative can be turned into a positive to avoid stress. So he gave me something without meaning to. And that’s just what I mean about how he motivates me.

Never got to thank him for creating True Food, which I have blogged about and recommended over and over again. But ya know? Sometimes it’s not meant to be.

And the most interesting thing I have in common with him? When the kids were going to college, there was an opportunity to get their kitchen clean and green. I offered to come in and re-train the cooking staff, sent them menus to show them it wouldn’t cost more to go organic, because they wouldn’t be wasting anything by portion controlling things. Offered to take the current menus and modify them to be healthy. Offered to add things to the menu that were healthy and very cost effective,(just as I have in many restaurants in Los Angeles and San Diego) and add that bang of flavor without fat to their menus. Roasted garlic on sprouted bread.  And was turned down, just like his first efforts. We’re playin’ in the same band.

Getting back to going organic: That goes for you too. You can afford organic. Think about how much produce you throw out at the end of the week, or every two weeks. If you’re buying organic? You’re buying like a european… for today… maybe tomorrow. Using the calculation of what you save, based on what you throw out? And what about the fact that organic spices have more flavor. Organic apples have more flavor…. and you can use less? You can buy organic. Period……. Yes?


All right, all right, all right, as Matthew would say. At some point I will syndicate my own food show…. (it’s a show currently not on TV or Cable)… and then? Perhaps Dr. Andrew Weil will want to actually have a conversation with me. But, my friend? At 60? I can wait. I have time. And one thing I know for sure? That conversation, that connection is in my future. It just may have to wait until I am in a position to make a difference in his world, the way he has made a difference in mine.

Do I sound like a groupie? Sorry. lol

I am so, So, HAPPY to have been able to listen to this man, up close and personal….. that no matter what… if I got a picture …….with him or didn’t? (bummer). He lived up to every expectation I had of him.

Talk more in a day or two of what else he had to say.

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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