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Charts to Bring to the Market

Today I am sharing some great information plus Charts to Bring to the Market. I am doing that because we can’t remember everything. 

I have been teaching a Chef Marian Sous Chef Certification Class to someone who eventually wants to be known as the Firehouse Chef. I am giving him basic knife cutting skills, meal preparation, plating, and nutrition. Although the Firemen will want to eat cheap, he doesn’t have to cheat them out of their health.

Chef Marian teaching her Fireman

Knowledge is power. So, I gave him (and will give you) information plus a couple of cheat sheets you can take to the market, compliments of my favorite newsletter, The Environmental Working Group and the website GMO-Awareness.com.

The Environmental Working Group gives us our Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen. These clearly help you pick vegetables and fruits without pesticides. Our Dirty Dozen shows you the fruits and vegetables you probably should invest the money and purchase organic, to avoid getting loaded up with pesticides.

The reason you don’t want pesticides? Your body cannot process the chemicals. I always say they gum up the works. But literally, that’s what they do. They slow your system down and make it hard for you to process the nutrients and eliminate the waste.

You’ll probably have to go to the source to download them, because no matter what I do they don’t seem to come in clear when I try to post them here.

So let me give you the links to click on:

Dirty Dozen

Clean Fifteen

And if you want a downloadable PDF to take to the market, Click HERE!

Regarding GMO Free Brands, the charts and articles are always updating. Here’s the latest link to that information.

Now that I think of it, it’s not only the Firemen that want to eat cheap. It’s all of us. And while everyone may not be able to afford to buy organic, I figure if I tell you what the best and worst is you will be able to make your decisions wisely.

One more thing: If you are an everyday family of four, the next time you get a moment, check out your vegetable drawer in the fridge. After two weeks, take out and price out everything that is now rotten. Add that amount to your budget for next week’s purchases and you will most probably be able to afford organic, which can be as little as 30 cents to as high as a dollar more per pound. Chef’s Tip: if you start buying like they do in Europe, purchasing only what you need for the next day or two, the difference between what would rot and what you are actually buying and using will afford you to buy organic.

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