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Restaurant Week Reviews 2013 from the Chef Marian Table!

First-hand in our faces at all these places…. here’s your Restaurant Week Reviews from our view! Should we start with dessert? YES CHEF! PLEASE!! Ok…. this smiley face Coconut Panna Cotta with a caramel rum sauce is at Sbicca. The only thing better than that? Their Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding with Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato. Sbicca takes home the prize ...

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Thoughts of Labor Day and 230 Forest, Laguna Beach.

Kale Salad at 230 Forest in Laguna. It doesn’t get much better than that! Yesterday, my daughter and I drove up the coast to celebrate Labor Day. Now, for me Labor Day has always meant just that: I had 2 or 3 dozen people to the house, ‘prepped’ for DAYS, with stuffing dates with bleu cheese, slicing pickles, creating Mac ...

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Bringing to your attention ~ the March Against Monsanto

A March Against Monsanto in San Diego? Yes. And No. It’s worldwide! lol This wasn’t my idea….. I didn’t think of it (wish I did)…. but it makes sense to share this blog and this information with everyone you know. I have been blogging about Monsanto forever…. telling you how they have genetically modified our food, putting farmers out of business ...

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Carlsbad Irish Pub is the worst experience evah!

Wholly crap Batman! What is going on? I’m not going to get good SEO on this article, but I’m writing it anyway, just to express myself and give you the ‘heads up’. We went out to our  St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at a Carlsbad Irish Pub…. at a place we could have called O’Spit (or that other word that begins ...

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True Food kitchen Review ~ From Chef Marian

You know how life works….. one thing leads to another….. And my trip to Brooklyn Girl the night before (see blog review on this site) led me to the discovery of True Food kitchen in the Fashion Valley Mall, yesterday. “Combat the trend toward processed food and fast food”. That’s our man Andrew Weil talking there…. (Did I mention you’re ...

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