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UTC Seasons 52 – Restaurant Review

As a worldwide traveled and educated Chef, I have come to develop a pretty good palate. I have over 300 blogs posted, I would say a third are Restaurant Reviews. You can also find them on Yelp. Unlike other Food Critics, my job (as I see it) is to tell you what is great out there. Now, some people think ...

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San Diego Foodies goes to The Marine Room

San Diego Foodies got to enjoy Restaurant Week at The Marine Room. And a big thank you goes out to Chef Bernard who came back to the table over and over to answer questions about recipes and the food. There were 6 people… and here’s what they ate: Salmon, shrimp & dessert! Didn’t get pix of the scallops but keep ...

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Villa Capri hits a home run! Review from Chef Marian!

How many people know about Villa Capri? Have you eaten there? Do you know who the owners are, their background, the flavors they create? NO CHEF! I didn’t think so. It’s a restaurant for ‘locals’. And if you don’t live in ‘the hood’? You probably think it’s just some cheap Italian ‘style’ restaurant… the one’s you went to when you ...

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Stratford Court Cafe Review from Chef Marian

Talk about your favorite Garden Cafe? It’s called Stratford Court Cafe in the center of Del Mar (west side of the street, within site from Camino Del Mar). And here’s the Stratford Court Cafe Review… just to give you a ‘heads up’. I went to their ‘about’ page, hoping to learn more about the family who owns it. But no! ...

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Carmela Cucina Italiana Review by Chef Marian

Have you even¬†heard of Carmela Cucina Italiana? NO CHEF! Of course not! It’s one of those comfy cozy local places that yes! Only the locals know about. And most places of this caliber you might call ‘a hole in the wall’. But that’s not what this is. It’s warm, it’s cozy but it seats a ton of people in several ...

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