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We are feeding our families. We are feeding our friends. But our souls are crying out, for the confusion that surrounds us. Can I get an AMEN? AMEN! CHEF! None of us know what to make of today’s world. But I would like to talk about Refugees since that is our hot topic of the moment. Everyone is from somewhere ...

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Lady Parts

Hey! I know this is a food and nutrition blog, but we are not just about food. We are about living your best life? Right?  RIGHT CHEF! And I know that some of my 30,000 readers are men. So to the men I say: Think of someone you care about and pass this on. Today’s blog is about health and ...

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The endangered species list

We’ve got a NEW member added to the endangered species list. It makes me wonder because I know climate change is part of the problem. But after doing much research, I also found out there’s more to it, so I want to share what I found out, with you right now. According to the New York Times, “The rusty patched bumblebee ...

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Danger at UTC Mall

My blogs are usually friendly and helpful. But the most recent thing I heard about UTC Mall paying off people that have been mugged there during the construction, that there is even Danger at UTC Mall makes me have to stand up and be counted. I have thought this over for weeks now, because it is not my intent to instill ...

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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King

Another rant…. from Chef Marian! Tomorrow we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King. I received something to my ‘in box’ today that really hit me the wrong way. It was like: “Just as we celebrate MLK (no credit for the Dr. part), we honor the time tested tradition of Sweet Potato Pie. And then they give the recipe. Really? REALLY? ...

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Bugs in your dried goods? Like quinoa?

I went out to hear some music a couple of nights ago. I’d share where I go, but it’s already pretty crowded there. Sort of feeling like the t-shirt: I mean seriously. I could tell you where I go, but then I’d have to kill ya! Just kidding! Anyway, my girlfriend Linda said she noticed bugs in her quinoa and ...

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