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Hard to be Vegan? Nope!

I just got back from a trip. I was asked and answered: Hard to be Vegan? Nope! And believe me, that was much to my surprise. I’m not going to say the world is totally accommodating, but what I will say is: Being Vegan or Plant-Based (as I like to call it), is easy if you are sure eating that way ...

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Cheese – What you don’t know will hurt you!

I was reading about a new book on cheese and what you are actually eating (and how bad it is for your body)…. and that motivated this blog – Cheese – What you don’t know will hurt you! This isn’t my first ‘what you don’t know will hurt you’ blog. It seems to be a running theme this year. lol ...

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Letter to a Culinary Graduate

I received a request from someone who has many friends that are recent Culinary School Graduates, that no one will hire. Here’s my bit of advice in my Letter to a Culinary Graduate, that I am happy to share with you. Feel free to share this with the struggling chefs or home cooks that you know. Happy Healthy Eating,   ...

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Calm those Tannins in Red Wine Down!

Strong yet friendly tannins came up as a topic this past week. I just want to say any Chef can teach you how to Calm those Tannins in Red Wine Down! For example, think back to when we were in college. We’d go to the bar, lick our hand, pour on salt, then lick the salt, shoot the taquilla and ...

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Chef Marian agrees with Gwyneth Paltrow

Here’s a thought…………………. Have you ever wondered what kinds of chemicals you are putting on your face, putting on your body? This is why Chef Marian agrees with Gwyneth Paltrow asking us to change a law, to make a difference, and if you answered yes to that question, this is an important issue for you as well. According to an email I received today from ...

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Gratitude for the Holidays

I want to talk to you about Gratitude for the Holidays…. but I want to also share the process of how I get there. I think to myself: Another year done…. good that we distract ourselves with all this merriment, or we might notice how much faster years are going by. Rapid Passing. Not as catchy as Global Warming, but ...

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