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Mushrooms absorb water and flavor!

Mushrooms absorb water and flavor! I have spent a lifetime teaching people how to use a damp paper towels to polish off the dirt on mushrooms because they absorb water. So when I read something on the web that said mushrooms are jam filled with water when you purchase them, I was pretty surprised. Come to find out, not only ...

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Cheap and Fast Recipes

Here are some Cheap and Fast Recipes or ideas for recipes that you learn in my Sous Chef Certification Class, along with some knife skills and Chef Tips. Plant based or Pork Egg rolls  Lemon Broccoli Plant Powered Salad Iceberg with Pine Nuts and Dates (for the younger crowd that hates Romaine) Garlic Hoison Baked Chicken Thighs/how to crush garlic ...

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Happy Kids Cooking Class

Cause I’m Happy…. Happy….  A Happy Kids Cooking Class gets even happier one on one! Mom Carol gave her son Andrew a private Chef Marian Cooking Class today. We took this picture and she turned to me and said: “You are fun”!  Well that’s about the best compliment I could ask for. That and at the end when I asked ...

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Top 8 Tips for buying and storing Olive Oil

  As someone in the food industry, I am forever receiving emails from people asking me to use their product. And one of the most difficult things to do is pick the best olive oil. I’ve tried oils from Spain, oils from Napa and oils from right here in San Diego. And I just keep going back to Italy for ...

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