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Holiday Meals

Feeding People over the Holidays

November top of mind for most of us is: Feeding People over the Holidays. Unexpected guests and yummy leftovers can easily happen by adding simple things like more bread to stuffing, more sweet potatoes to sweet potato pie. You will find yourself cooking for not the 12 coming, but the imaginary 24, giving you a chance to let people take home ...

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What do you crave this holiday season? This time of year brings up all kinds of stuff. That’s why I am addressing your Cravings, to see if we can get you through this season without gaining 10-15 pounds. (By the way, that’s the average amount people gain from Thanksgiving to New Years). So, who is the brilliant group that motivated ...

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Chef Marian Thanksgiving Vegan Feasts

Last minute we all look around to see what spice we can add, or how to prepare something a little more special. That’s why I am giving you the Chef Marian Thanksgiving Vegan Feasts. I have been blogging at the holidays for years (over 400 blogs listed bottom right of main page). So here’s a few to read that may ...

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Happy Healthy Easter

Hope it is not too late for you to realize you don’t need chemicals and food coloring to have a Happy Healthy Easter. It’s amazing but true. Over the years I have written many Easter blogs, sometimes combined with Passover blogs when the timing was right. And I think it’s been pretty much all said. So rather than quote myself ...

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Vegan Feast for Turkey Day

How was Turkey Day for you? We had a Vegan Feast! The mug behind the plate has a really good vegetable soup that cooked all day with a ‘Bouquet Garni’ (just the right herbs in a sack for soup). There’s roasted garlic behind the water, or what was left of it. PH Balanced Water. Tofurkey, with stuffing and gravy. My ...

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Easter Bread and a healthier Matzoh Ball Soup

The holidays are upon us…. again. Wow. A year went by really fast, didn’t it? So we have Easter Bread and a ‘healthier’ Matzoh Ball Soup, for holiday recipes today. But let’s face it! It’s all about the ‘carbs’. lol I thank one of the writers on food.com for providing this interesting idea for bread. Did you ever notice we cook ...

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