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Healthy Eating

I don’t agree with Dr. Oz ~ From Chef Marian

Here’s where I don’t agree with Dr. Oz…. You want to make sure each meal contains foods from each of the three vital categories: protein, fiber and healthy fats. Ok. I get that. But really… what are you¬†recommending? (Look at how he’s leaning forward looking not so happy now)! lol Protein Cheese Chicken Eggs Fish Greek yogurt Enriched hempmilk Jerky ...

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Forks over Knives Review

My brilliant friend Jonathan recently lent me a DVD of a movie called ‘Forks over Knives’. It was the perfect movie to see at this time in my life. As you my recall, I’ve been working on lowering my cholesterol without medication. I did a ‘cleanse’ of sorts thru the holiday and beyond by sticking to Meat, Veggies and Vegetables. ...

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Chef Marian Cooking Class on a Saturday night!

Is this not a gorgeous group of people? And I want to say both inside and out! These people are pretty terrific and I had a wonderful Saturday night! Don’t you have people you owe dinner invitations to? You can do better than just ‘picking up the check’! That my friends, is a Chef Marian Cooking Class. Didn’t book me ...

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Happy Healthy Holiday!

Wanted to wish you a Happy Healthy Holiday! Thought it would be appropriate, as a ‘healthy’ chef….. to remind you about my 3 bite rule for desserts: The first bite? WOW that’s good. The second bite? WOWOWOW THAT REALLY IS GOOD. The third bite? Now I’m being naughty! You’ll get all the flavor if you do the 3 bite ‘savor’. ...

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Hydrogenated, High Fructose anything? I’m naming names…..

Hey Folks! We’re still in the holiday season…. still cooking holiday food. And the hydrogenated, high fructose crap is still on store shelves. These are things you might not even know are genetically modified or containing chemicals and other things our body can’t process. It’s easy to watch out for them…. if you know! Sooooo……This blog is dedicated to naming ...

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