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Healthy Eating

Less is more! Let’s see if you can do it with me!

Less is more. We all know this. But is this something we actually practice? Probably not. If you saw yesterdays’ blog, Summer Salad then you know that just handfuls of this and that can create a beautiful eating experience!  And that’s what I am interested in talking about today.  Let me show you this picture…..   —————-> That’s a simple rye crisp with ...

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Last chance for a great Summer Salad!

There’s nothing easier or more wonderful than a Summer Salad. And both peaches and nectarines are in season right now! You can have it for lunch or dinner. Here’s how: Pick a fruit you like. Pick salad ingredients you like and maybe a few things you don’t normally eat like jicama or a hot green pepper. Pick a fish, any ...

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The Trip to a Plant Based Lifestyle sounds easier than it is!

Straight out of the vegan mainstream google+ group comes this link to Kaiser’s recommendations to head yourself to a Plant Based Lifestyle. (See below for link after you’ve read this). But the Trip to a Plan Based Lifestyle sounds easier than it is! I would say it’s ‘well done’! Beautiful pictures, professionally captured. If nothing else? Use it as a ...

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Sugar is the FIGHT! That ain’t RIGHT! From Chef Marian!

Why…. tell me why I am constantly called to by Sugar! Mmmmmm…. doesn’t that look good…. And think of all the commercials on TV, radio, in print…. all telling you to buy sugar. Then there’s ‘hidden’ sugar…. things you never expect sugar to be in, but it just is. Do you want to know why that is? YES CHEF! Well, I ...

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Frozen Food is on the decline – Give me an AMEN! From Chef Marian!

According to The Specialty Food News, which does articles for people in the food industry, Frozen Food is on the decline!  “Frozen meal sales dropped 3 percent to $8.92 billion from 2009 through 2013, according to data from Euromonitor International”. I personally think there are 3 factors: We have become a ‘foodie’ nation, and it’s now ‘in’ to eat well. There are ...

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