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Eating Habits in America 2018

I was reading a blog I got from New Hope and thought it might be fun to share Eating Habits in America 2018. They concentrate more on ‘trends’. I am more interested in telling you about the research they share and exploring how, as one of the many food leaders, we can get you into a healthier state. Label Insight, ...

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What industry insiders are saying about YOU!

As both a person and The Brand of Chef Marian, people in and out of the industry reach out to me on a regular basis. This particular week, I thought I would share what industry insiders are saying about YOU! I’m talking about you, the restaurant customer. What to do with a cranky, impatient customer…. hmmmmm….. To bread? Or not to bread. ...

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Tasty Trends for the New Year

The Boston Herald is talking about tasty trends for the New Year, so here in San Diego I thought I would join in the fun and steer you in the right direction at the same time! In talking about their local trends here’s what they say about what we’ve been doing for years: On-site gardening. The “eat local” movement finds ...

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Coconut Oil – The Real Story

I have heard that rice (if cooked with Coconut Oil) and saved in the fridge overnight makes the rice have fewer calories. That was a stretch for me. But then I started thinking: How come one week people are saying coconut oil is good for you, the next you hear it’s bad for you. My news reporting background kicked in ...

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Stay Plant-Based and Eat Out!

We have some pretty fabulous information provided to us via the web, about how to Stay Plant-Based and Eat Out! Plant Pure Communities gives you the inside ‘poop’ on how to eat healthy at some of the chain restaurants in America. And what they are pretty much saying is for you to get something that says Vegetable and hold the cheese. Or ...

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Raw, Cooked or Frozen Vegetables. What’s best?

At a Cooking Class I taught recently, there were questions about nutrients in vegetables and how they might change if you cook or freeze them. So I am answering with this blog: Raw, Cooked or Frozen Vegetables. What’s best? I like the way a recent New York Times article talks about it, saying every thing is a trade off, that ...

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