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Health Benefits of Food

Hot Topic Sizzle: Whole Foods is struggling

According to public records, shares for Whole Foods are down nearly 35%. So the headline Whole Food is struggling is not sensational. It’s true. And the buzz has been that a new ‘rewards’ program is in the making. So now it’s on record. A spokesperson for Whole Foods confirms that “the company plans on testing the program in a store in ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: What’s new in our markets in 2015

Apple Fennel, Balsamic Thyme, Ranch Chia. These are some of the products I will see at The Fancy Food Show in January next year. And stores will be placing orders for these and more. So I thought I’d make our Hot Topic Sizzle about What’s new in our markets in 2015. A ‘heads up’ on food choices! This past year ...

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Chef’s Spice Blog 2014: 003 Nutmeg

This is our third in a new series called “Chef’s Spice Blog 2014”. (Think William Shattner. We go where no chef has gone before). lol We featured salt and pepper. Last time? Turmeric. As we approach the holidays, I think the most under rated spice and one I use quite often is Nutmeg. Now if you’ve ever purchased Pumpkin Pie Spice? One ...

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Salt and Pepper: Shake it up Baby!

Salt and Pepper. They stand tall at every table in America. So I was thinking I would like to do a little research about their origins and by the way…. what exactly is pepper? Off the top of your head…. do you know? NO CHEF! Without any research I would say there must be a pepper plant somewhere…. Let’s ask ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle on Milk & Health from Chef Marian

Hot Topic Sizzle. That’s what I am calling this new regular feature on ChefMarian.com. And today we are focusing on Milk & Health and what people are saying. I get 300 emails a day. THREE HUNDRED emails. And every day I sort, organize and take what’s important, to get you ideas for my next blog. The Hot Topic that comes ...

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