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Health Benefits of Food

Gallstones – Eating Surprises

Today I want to talk about Gallstones – Eating Surprises. According to WebMD, the Gall Bladder has one job: “collecting and storing bile — the fluid that helps the body digest fats”. How do you know if you have gallstones? The symptoms are bloating, vomiting and feeling pain in your stomach area.  Diets high in fat and cholesterol? Being seriously ...

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Cancer Fighting Foods Class, Part II

Today, I am presenting the work I gathered for the Del Mar Fairgrounds Cancer Fighting Foods Class, Part II. If I would give you all my research, this would be a 2,600 word blog. Maybe I should write a book, but for the moment I’m giving you highlights, a ‘starter’  kit you can use to then do your own research. ...

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Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class

Yesterday was my last day this summer to do my Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class. This time, it was “Cancer Fighting Foods”. I created a fun game at The Fair yesterday. I asked you (audience members) questions just to see how much you know about Cancer Fighting Foods, giving you ideas of what to cook if you’re vegan, or what ...

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Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class – Part II

Hi there! Chef Marian here again with the Del Mar Fairgrounds Cooking Class – Part II as promised. And although my next on stage appearance on the 18th of this month (Home & Hobby Kitchen, 2nd floor, 2:30pm) will deal with “Cancer Fighting Foods” and I may have a few hints for you here, you will get the bulk on ...

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The Real Problem with Wood Pulp in Cheese

I get over 300 emails a day. One of the companies sending me their thoughts monthly is Eater. They talk about things happening in the food industry. Their topic this week is: The Real Problem with Wood Pulp in Cheese. Parmesan Cheese, specifically. Helloooo! The REAL problem with wood pulp in Cheese? When was I even asked if I was willing to ...

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High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Today let’s talk about High-Fructose Corn Syrup. By now you’ve probably heard it’s bad and to keep away from it. But I thought it might help you, to know why. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Carbs convert to sugar. Wine converts to sugar. Pasta converts to sugar. When you eat healthier carbs like brown rice or whole grains, the sugar ...

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