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Health Benefits of Food

Making Raw Crackers – SuperFood Recipes!

Superfood Recipes -Making Raw Crackers For a very long time (it feels like forever), I have enjoyed the friendship of a girlfriend named Zuni up in Lagunitas (near San Francisco). I used to import and design clothing from Bali and she was in her ‘dying to go to Bali’ beginnings…. and I shared my experiences with her when we worked ...

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Is Maple Syrup that different from Pancake Syrup?

  Do we know the difference between pancake syrup and Maple Syrup? Geez, after all this time, I hope so. All those brand named Pancake Syrups have High Fructose Corn Syrup. And while there are differing opinions – with some saying studies show High Fructose makes people obese, we  have to recognize other people saying “a sugar is a sugar ...

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Tips for a Healthier New Year from Chef Marian

We are all making ourselves promises to have a Healthier New Year… so here are some tips I have for you. Some I’ve learned about over the years and some more recently from Dr. Oz and the reason I mention them, is that they are backed by testing, so there’s a better chance we won’t hear just the opposite 6 months ...

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