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So many Pizza Recipes…. and what they won’t tell you!

There are an insane amount of Pizza Recipes. Go online and have a look. They will tell you ingredients to blend, how to knead, how to rest your dough… and the rest! Food & Wine came out this month with a perfect margarita pizza. What a great place to start, since they tell you everything and they tell you nothing, except ...

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Vegan Style Stuffed Shells

I made Stuffed Shells over the weekend, and I thought today…. let’s see if I can create something smooth for stuffing that’s vegan. I’m calling it Vegan Style Stuffed Shells. So, you know what’s in your regular stuffed shells right? NO CHEF! Really? You’re kidding! Well, it’s ricotta cheese, some shredded cheese (I like white sharp cheddar and a little ...

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Roasted Garlic! It’s like bhutta! And always a big hit!

Roasted Garlic! It’s always a big hit! Last night I had a few people over for dinner…. Diane, Toby and his wife. Silverwood Music? These are the wonderful people that wrote and played my theme music for my Cooking Show and I never properly thanked them, so I thought I would do a Cooking Class, no charge! When I shopped ...

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