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Is Tap Water Ok if You Boil it?

One of the things we were talking about in my Cooking Class is water, and should we use tap water to boil pasta for example. The question was: “Is Tap Water Ok if You Boil it”? I mean we all know that if you cook chicken, for example, we want you to stick a thermometer in to see that it reaches ...

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Update: Beware of Von’s Liquor Return Policy

Today, July 17, 2016 I received an email from Dima Galkin, who gave me more information about a block I wrote about Von’s Liquor Return Policy in May of 2012. It’s great to see with over 400 blogs now, people are actually going back in time to read and still get some value from what I wrote in my second ...

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Coconut Water is NOT what you think it is

I was so blown out this week when I realized that Coconut Water is NOT what you think it is. Very, very disappointing. One of the things I know for sure is I need to drink 8 – 12 full glasses of water every day. I also know that wine is dehydrating and Coconut Water is hydrating. And on those nights ...

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Shocking News about the French and Milk

Now, my friend Michael is someone who is constantly experimenting with wine and came across some Shocking News about the French and Milk. Now I haven’t dug further, so I can’t say for sure….. but when I am told something from a reliable source who is big on the cutting edge of wine…. I feel comfortable enough to share it ...

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Could GMO Coffee be just around the corner?

GMO Coffee? Really? Really? I know that there has been quite a ‘counter culture’ buzz out there lately about perhaps genetically modified anything might not be so bad. Yes. That’s the PR campaign people trying to sell you genetically modified, are putting out. And quite frankly, none of us know if GMO is bad for you or not. The studies ...

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Wine Talk from Chef Marian

Here’s a Wine Talk blog that I have to thank my fine wine buddies on LinkedIn who started talking about the best areas to drink the best reds. Following that, someone talked about reds in Italy and France as compared to what we get here in America. WHAT DID YOU HAVE TO SAY CHEF? Just like I’m going to talk about ...

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