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Carlsbad Irish Pub is the worst experience evah!

Wholly crap Batman! What is going on?

I’m not going to get good SEO on this article, but I’m writing it anyway, just to express myself and give you the ‘heads up’.

We went out to our  St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at a Carlsbad Irish Pub…. at a place we could have called O’Spit (or that other word that begins with S) and it would have been accurate!. The guy at the door would not let us in, without paying $30 first ($10 a head for 3 people) even though we were coming to eat in their dining room, not drink at their bar and listen to the band.

I mean, if we’re paying for the overhead of the bar and going into the bar, that’s one thing. But for some cocky little kid to have us wait at the door in the cold instead of letting us walk into the fireplace area and relax while we waited for a hostess, was the most absolute ridiculous thing I’ve ever experienced!

No green beer. 8pm. All out.

No green beer. 8pm. All out.

Come on Restaurant owner. It’s St. Paddy’s Day and at 8pm you are out of green beer? Do you know it only takes a drop of food coloring?

My friend and son took me out so for sure, we were going to have a good time. So they wrapped a beer in the green placemat to pretend they were drinking green beer!

Now I really hate to show you a picture of their corned beef and cabbage with potatoes for $15.95. Oh wait….. With a $10 ‘cover charge’ that would make this plate $25.95?  No. I don’t think I should show it to you.


Well, I wish I had stayed home tonight and save the twenty five bucks so ok. Here it is:

Would you really want to eat this?

Would you really want to eat this? Really?

Does this look appetizing, by any stretch of the imagination?

Oh wait! Is that a plastic fork I see? Oh yes. $25.00 and they served me on paper plates with plastic forks? Oh yeah. That’s a good idea.

And corn beef that had been sitting in water all day…. boiled potato (no flavor) and less than a quarter of a head of cabbage that also had been sitting in water since 11am….. Twenty Five Bucks my friends!

You can figure out the name of the place yourself. I certainly gave you enough hints.

I don’t like to ‘dis’ restaurants because in most case they are doing the best they can, and when they know better, they’ll do better. But this was totally unacceptable.

I mean, I came out to have a nice meal, hear some music and drink a beer.

I left hungry. So sad. I’ll get another good meal in the morning, but that restaurant won’t be giving any good meals away tomorrow, or any other day for that matter.

On the bright side, you’ll see a lot of very drunk 21 year old women there. And the beer will fill the floor like a puddle around the band, so if your shoes need washing, you’ll get one for sure!

I guess the economy affects restaurants pretty badly, but if you are finally strapped, for goodness sake let people in to drink and make you some profit! Don’t turn people away at the door who can’t pay $10 per head. And if they’re coming in to eat, and help you spread the word, don’t charge them $10.00 per person, just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously. What a rip off!

I never rant like this, but I just couldn’t let this one go.

The next meal will be better for sure. Any meal would be better…..

So sad.

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian



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