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Enhance your skills with a ‘Chef Marian Cooking Class’ and more!


Yeah. End of year and I’m talking about a ‘Chef Marian Cooking Class’ and more!

There are two things I really love to do: teach people to cook and …….

Photoshop pictures (crop, colorize, remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, even out skin tone, correct bad lighting, remove an ‘ex’, etc. from the shot) lol, etc. I shot pictures as I traveled the globe, now using those skills to shoot food for this blog, and was actually trained by a woman who, for many years worked for Playboy, photoshopping the models. And she taught me all the ‘tricks’ to a ‘prettier’ you! Good example? Take a look at my picture on this site. No wrinkles? Not even on my neck? (Just a few, to keep it natural looking – ikr – (the kids saying: I know, right?). C’mon. That’s PHOTOSHOP! And I’m actually 92! lol

So here’s the deal: Holiday Specials on the Cooking Class, Bonuses thrown in and discounted pricing on the photo’s. If you want to take advantage of the bonuses, you have to ‘book’ the class before year’s end, although the class won’t take place until January or February (depending on our schedules and what works for you).

Here’s what you can purchase over the phone with a credit card now told in ‘commercial’ format:

Cooking Classes in your home

It’s fun to have people remember your parties. The Chef Marian Cooking Class IS certainly memorable! How about all the people you owe dinner invitations to? Wouldn’t it be more fun to have a Chef arrive, in Chef’s attire to teach you and your guests how to cook, and have everyone cook together, knowing if there’s a mistake you’ve got the Chef there to help make corrections? How about going shopping with Chef Marian before the event, so that she can show you how to pick fruits and vegetables, and what products to buy (better price, healthier, etc.)?

Your friends really deserve this (so do you) and what a unique gift! One size fits all! lol

We can do healthy or decadent….. gluten free, sugar free, or not. We design the class together!

As their Holiday Gift, you can give them an Invitation to the Class (I email you to forward). Take the fear out of trying…….. YOU can DO IT with Chef Marian as your ‘wing man’ (woman)! lol

Chef Marian has followed her cooking passion for over a decade, cooking for people in their homes, and has traveled the world taking cooking classes and cooking in kitchens in France, Italy, Thailand and Australia.

Currently: Chef Marian films her Cooking Shows, has created and leads San Diego Foodies on meetup.com, runs Encinitas Chop & Sip, plus she’s working with kids that are less fortunate to feed them, show them how to cook and mentor them into her industry.

In the New Year, Chef Marian is creating a Foundation: No-Face-Goes-Un-Fed™. Her mission is to make sure hunger is no longer a problem in San Diego!

Have Chef Marian teach a cooking class (lunch or dinner in your home). Cost of food (wholesale), travel time and additional services are reasonably priced. Cost of class depends on the number of people.

Chef works with you and the class to restore your kitchen back to clean: No Charge

Call 858-224-2550 to reserve a class at your home before years end and receive a link to a FREE Chef Marian “Cooking Good” Cookbook. When you book now, you will also receive a free half hour wine class: learn the art of sipping, swirling, and understanding the ‘finish’ of a wine, along with tips and suggestions on how to pair food and wine at your event.



Have great pictures that need re-touching?

Cropped, colorized or turned into a black and white, bad lighting corrected, wrinkles gone, blemishes gone, teeth whitened, skin tone evened out, people faded into the background or totally removed from the picture,  etc.

They can be returned to you by email within days

Or returned by disc or on a stick (that you provide)

Within a week (more pictures takes a week longer)


$7 each

More than 10 enjoys a volume discount, negotiated at the time of purchase

Let me ‘process’ all your holiday pictures and have things you can send to relatives in other cities/countries that actually reflect you and your family in a great light

mm@chefmarian.com to reserve a date in January or February

You can let me know the exact date as we get closer

Contact Chef Marian directly: 858-224-2550

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