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Brooklyn Girl Review ~ from Chef Marian

Chef Marian & the actual Brooklyn Girl Victoria

Chef Marian & the actual Brooklyn Girl, Victoria

Brooklyn Girl

Brooklyn Girl

Hey! I’m a New Yorker! But I’m not Brooklyn. I’m not the Bronx. I’m not Queens. I’m not even Westchester! I’m Long Island…. and you can count on an upbringing that knows good food!

And so does Victoria, the Brooklyn Girl for whom this restaurant is named!

I thought I remembered her from what San Diego Magazine calls a ‘recession casualty Trattoria Acqua, in La Jolla. Her and her husband Michael. I thought that place was great, I remember liking them a lot when I met them there and Brooklyn Girl (and meeting Victoria again) just bumps it up a notch for me. It was totally unexpected. Trust me.

So …….you know I’m trying to eat healthy, right? Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free and no more than 5% animal protein in my diet and lots of veggies? No bread? (Don’t you just hate when a restaurant serves basket after basket of ‘just ok’ bread and you eat it because you’re hungry)?

Well, you don’t have to worry about bread. Brooklyn Girl serves a ‘starter’ popcorn! So you can have a ‘taste’ and not be a gluten about it. lol

Tonight’s ‘corn’ was dusted with curry powder. But our waiter says they change it up all the time ~ sometimes cinnamon sugar, and other things to make it an outstanding unexpected starter experience.

We ordered The Crab Salad and Hanga-Burger.


No. That’s just me talking. Here’s the real name and description:

Best Burger in my Book!

Best Burger in my Book!


9oz Angus/Wagyu Kobe, Cheddar or Blue Cheese, B.G. Fries L.T.O. 12.
Fried Oysters 4.
Cherry Wood Bacon 2.
Fried Farm Egg 2.

Kobe Beef? Whooot? Yes my friends. It’s the best money can buy and provided to you at Brooklyn Girl. Fried Oysters? Cherry Wood Bacon? A Fried Farm Egg? Yes. It’s true. These people are creative.
So cute. All Kale Caesar! (All Hail Caesar)!


Lemon, Anchovies, Croutons, Parmesan, Bacon & Eggs 9.
Add……Fried Oysters -4
……Duck Leg –8
…. Shrimp-8

Add Fried Oysters? A Duck Leg (which I heard is pretty terrific)? Shrimp? Well, one of these days when I’ve been good so long that I decide to take a splurge…. I may be going there instead of Baskin Robbins! lol

Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me. That was our ‘starter’…..(We’re not traditional eaters, by any stretch).

So here’s the description on that one:

Crab Salad

Crab Salad


Blue Crab, Avocado, Mango, Cucumber, Black Sesame, Soy Balsamic Dressing

And I was trying to figure out what it needed…. what more I would do with it. Then I came across a piece of mango. Done and DONE! Nothing more needed to be done with it. It was perfect, just the way it was.

Michael and Victoria McGeath! I commend you as you explain that “due to the seasonality of our menu, items may change on a daily basis”!

To come to a restaurant, eat some salad and crab ~ feel totally satisfied, then move onto a couple of bites of Kobe Beef (eating the lettuce, tomato and perfectly grilled onions ~ kicking most of the bread to the curb because I’m needing Gluten Free) and leaving your restaurant feeling like I got the best meal in town….

Well…. I guess it’s no mistake that this year you’re rated in the Top 10 of San Diego’s American Restaurants by Goyot along with your good rating from Zagat. San Diego Magazine describes you as an Urban Hangout? I would say that describes you pretty well. And I would love to ‘hang out’ again….

I’ll be back!

And if you find yourself in Mission Valley, my lovely eaters and readers…. more exactly in the neighborhood of 4033 Goldfinch St  San Diego, California 92103 and are smart enough to call ahead and make a reservation (619-296-4600) I hope you will let them know you read the Chef Marian Blog…. and you’re looking forward to a great meal!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian





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