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It’s been a wonderful ‘trip’ so far …. talking with you about things I know having to do with food, wine, events I have created, recipes…. and I have really enjoyed having a place to ‘rant’! Many viewers come here from San Diego Foodies, Encinitas Chop and Sip and Encinitas Chess Club (believe it or not, Chess Players DO like ...

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It’s great to have BRILLIANT friends!

                        In today’s world, it certainly is great to run across new friends that have brilliant ideas! So is the case with my new friend Laura. First off, she’s a New Yorker. So we know that brain is ENGAGED for sure! Secondly, what a BRILLIANT idea! Tired of telling ...

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Is Maple Syrup that different from Pancake Syrup?

  Do we know the difference between pancake syrup and Maple Syrup? Geez, after all this time, I hope so. All those brand named Pancake Syrups have High Fructose Corn Syrup. And while there are differing opinions – with some saying studies show High Fructose makes people obese, we ¬†have to recognize other people saying “a sugar is a sugar ...

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