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Cooking Class with Chef Marian this Sunday Noon

  Every time I turn around…. it’s a NEW EVENT. This Sunday I am doing a Cooking Class in Encinitas. But it’s not ME that cooks. IT’S YOU! All you have to do is go to a website, introduce yourself and rsvp to an event on meetup.com/sandiegofoodies. Once you’ve rsvp’d, I will call and talk with you about what you ...

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Great Downtown Event last night to benefit Elderhelp

Exhausted. Something had been coming on and as I tried to cure it homeopathically I realized TOO MUCH unsugared cranberry juice can be BAD…. (not a good visual)…..(write me if you really need to hear about it at mm@chefmarian.com). Yes. Chef Marian was NOT ‘feelin’ it last night, but dragged herself downtown to support ElderHelp, a REALLY good charity. You know ...

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Another Filmed Foodie Event!

Well, if you missed it, you missed it. Chef Jason and Chef Marian talking about Union Kitchen & Tap, and his background and love for food. In the next week I will have more information on the ChefMarian.com blog, more pictures, more details. We had members of San Diego Foodies and members of Encinitas Chop & Sip on a Budget. ...

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Great Food & Wine Tasting Dinner this Sunday Night. Please join me!

This is the invitation that went out to over 400 people yesterday and there are still tickets left. It’s going to be one of your most FUN Sunday’s yet! Be part of a filmed event presented by Inside Circle and ChefMarian.com.  Great food plates created with the Restaurants’ Chef, paired with great wine from a great Wine Importer selling quality bottles at way less ...

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Cooking Classes $100.00 discount thru May 31, 2012

How would you like to have me WOW you with food lessons so that next time, YOU CAN WOW your friends and family? Tired of the same food? How about having Chef Marian walk you through new ideas and recipes? Until May 31st you can schedule a Cooking Class – regularly $400-$1,000 SD Foodies Discount: only $300 plus ingredients- up to 6 people ...

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Community Cooking: Conceptual Cooking with Chef Marian

Here we are again. Happy as can be. Ready to roll out the next Chapter of my Sunday event with San Diego Foodies and all that we made as we brought ‘community’ together and cooked together with everyone making their own dish, not by the book, not with a recipe… but with a ‘concept’ and motivation to create. I also ...

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