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Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up

You know, I play a bunch of instruments and sing harmony. And I do Restaurant Reviews as a Healthy Chef. Yet, I have never reviewed a band or an event at a music venue. My evening last night was so good, that I must blog about it. So enjoy this Review: Pine Mountain Logs at The Belly Up. First off, ...

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Summertime – What can the dog eat?

I was on Facebook and found this interesting table of information. I call it Summertime – What can the dog eat? Cause I often wonder when a dog comes up to me grinning with tail wagging side to side, if I can actually give him or her a piece of my watermelon….. I mean, some people are very fussy about ...

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Update: Beware of Von’s Liquor Return Policy

Today, July 17, 2016 I received an email from Dima Galkin, who gave me more information about a block I wrote about Von’s Liquor Return Policy in May of 2012. It’s great to see with over 400 blogs now, people are actually going back in time to read and still get some value from what I wrote in my second ...

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Letter to a Culinary Graduate

I received a request from someone who has many friends that are recent Culinary School Graduates, that no one will hire. Here’s my bit of advice in my Letter to a Culinary Graduate, that I am happy to share with you. Feel free to share this with the struggling chefs or home cooks that you know. Happy Healthy Eating,   ...

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Summertime Meals

How do you start thinking about your Summertime Meals? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is corn. Not just any corn, but the corn I’ve gotten at Jimbo’s. Organic. Fresh. Sweet. And here’s how the creative juices start flowing…. Why do we have to strip the corn? We don’t do it when we grill, right? RIGHT¬†CHEF! So, ...

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Review: The Great American Foodie Fest

Today we’re reviewing The Great American Foodie Fest at Qualcomm Stadium July 8th, 9th and 10th. First let’s meet the people running it…. Bravo to Noel and family who created this traveling Foodie Fest. He told me they were watching all the Food Channel Food Truck stories and thought – Geez. Let’s get them all together for people to taste ...

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