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Hot Topic Sizzle: What’s new in our markets in 2015

Apple Fennel, Balsamic Thyme, Ranch Chia. These are some of the products I will see at The Fancy Food Show in January next year. And stores will be placing orders for these and more. So I thought I’d make our Hot Topic Sizzle about What’s new in our markets in 2015. A ‘heads up’ on food choices! This past year ...

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Chocolate covered Ants anyone?

Chocolate covered Ants ….. that’s what we would answer to the question: “What’s that you’re eating”? (when we didn’t want to share). But at this time of the year, many people I’ve talked to are going crazy with ants, and would take them gone no matter what it takes to make that happen. Right? RIGHT CHEF! Not me. I’m so grateful. ...

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Chef’s Spice Blog 2014: 003 Nutmeg

This is our third in a new series called “Chef’s Spice Blog 2014”. (Think William Shattner. We go where no chef has gone before). lol We featured salt and pepper. Last time? Turmeric. As we approach the holidays, I think the most under rated spice and one I use quite often is Nutmeg. Now if you’ve ever purchased Pumpkin Pie Spice? One ...

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Could GMO Coffee be just around the corner?

GMO Coffee? Really? Really? I know that there has been quite a ‘counter culture’ buzz out there lately about perhaps genetically modified anything might not be so bad. Yes. That’s the PR campaign people trying to sell you genetically modified, are putting out. And quite frankly, none of us know if GMO is bad for you or not. The studies ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle: The Plastic Bag Issue heats up!

The Plastic Bag Issue? I welcome new legislation! Don’t you? YES CHEF! The LA Times reports that “Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown …. plans to sign a law that would make California the first state to impose a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags”. “I probably will sign it, yes,” Brown said during the televised debate. “ In fact, I’ll tell you ...

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