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Are You Making Tea All Wrong?

For decades now, I’ve been drinking Tea. And I think it was from a Dr. Oz Show a couple of years ago, that I learned your green tea needs to steep 20 minutes to get the full benefit of the antioxidants.  So, when I get tea, I leave the bag in. When I make a pitcher, I leave the bags in… ...

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Happy Labor Day!

  Happy Labor Day to you! A day off. The end of summer, the beginning of fall. And a really ‘feasting’ day for us all! I would say if you would like to take the day to get drunk and do some mindless eating, go ahead! Feast! But if you’re like me? You’ll use it as a quieter day, to ...

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Hot topic Sizzle: Possible wage increase!

The Hot Topic Sizzle is: Possible wage increase for minimum wage earners like ……. Waiters? Waitresses? How ’bout those Dishwashers? But actually there was an article in the paper last week talking about an increase for all, no matter if you’re in the food industry or not. Since I am in the food industry, I started to think of who would really be affected… I ...

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Less is more! Let’s see if you can do it with me!

Less is more. We all know this. But is this something we actually practice? Probably not. If you saw yesterdays’ blog, Summer Salad then you know that just handfuls of this and that can create a beautiful eating experience!  And that’s what I am interested in talking about today.  Let me show you this picture…..   —————-> That’s a simple rye crisp with ...

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Last chance for a great Summer Salad!

There’s nothing easier or more wonderful than a Summer Salad. And both peaches and nectarines are in season right now! You can have it for lunch or dinner. Here’s how: Pick a fruit you like. Pick salad ingredients you like and maybe a few things you don’t normally eat like jicama or a hot green pepper. Pick a fish, any ...

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Welcome to Sunday Morning Breakfast!

Sunday Morning Breakfast. Even when it’s interesting…. like you go to a restaurant for a brunch, it’s still pretty much same ole’, same ole. Whether you’re vegan, trying to keep yourself in good health or just wanting a change, here it is! I don’t know why we only think of guacamole when we think of an avocado spread but……. here’s ...

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