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Hot Topic Sizzle: Paper, Plastic or Nothing?

Here’s your latest Hot Topic Sizzle. Are you using Paper, Plastic or Nothing at the Market? PAPER CHEF! Really? I’ll bet there are some people also using plastic because they can line their small garbages and recycle that bag, am I right? YES CHEF! YOU’RE PROBABLY RIGHT! So, the Hot Topic Sizzle is set by a recent article in the ...

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Breakfast: How to play with yourself….. lol

Interesting title, eh? Breakfast: How to play with yourself! Well, what was I going to call it? This blog is going to teach you how to swap out and minimize so your are actually eating healthy but it feels naughty. Good? Feel naughty yet? YES CHEF! Now, this is not the blog for you, if you are vegan. You can ...

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Compete for the TV Show Master Chef!

Here’s your opportunity to compete for the TV Show Master Chef.  You have to go to their website and fill out a 10 page application. If you have been watching the show, and think you are ‘the one’ who can actually win this thing, it’s worth it. WHY AREN’T YOU APPLYING, CHEF? Well…. It’s a long story. I HAVE TIME…. ...

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The 5 Best ways to…. From Chef Marian

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty tired of people telling me to tell you  The 5 best ways to loose weight The 5 best vegetables to eat The 5 best recipes to create I mean what is it with our attention span today? 5 Choices, then you loose interest? lol They’ve even got me to give you ...

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Hot Topic Sizzle on Milk & Health from Chef Marian

Hot Topic Sizzle. That’s what I am calling this new regular feature on ChefMarian.com. And today we are focusing on Milk & Health and what people are saying. I get 300 emails a day. THREE HUNDRED emails. And every day I sort, organize and take what’s important, to get you ideas for my next blog. The Hot Topic that comes ...

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Del Mar Fairgrounds 2014 Cooking Show Footage

Every week, starting this week, I will give you some footage from the Del Mar Fairgrounds this summer. I do Cooking Classes on an outdoor stage 4 times every summer (not selling a product – just me giving you what I know about Food and Nutrition), but this year? I bumped it up a notch by featuring other chefs, home cooks, members of San Diego ...

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