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Holiday Gifts from Chef Marian!

It’s that time of the year again, so here are some Holiday Gifts from Chef Marian! I am trying to think what I can do for you, how I might be able to support you in the kitchen, with nutrition and intuition. In years past, I talked about cravings. That link to that blog will still be there, so continue ...

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Feeding People over the Holidays

November top of mind for most of us is: Feeding People over the Holidays. Unexpected guests and yummy leftovers can easily happen by adding simple things like more bread to stuffing, more sweet potatoes to sweet potato pie. You will find yourself cooking for not the 12 coming, but the imaginary 24, giving you a chance to let people take home ...

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Hard to be Vegan? Nope!

I just got back from a trip. I was asked and answered: Hard to be Vegan? Nope! And believe me, that was much to my surprise. I’m not going to say the world is totally accommodating, but what I will say is: Being Vegan or Plant-Based (as I like to call it), is easy if you are sure eating that way ...

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Coconut Oil – The Real Story

I have heard that rice (if cooked with Coconut Oil) and saved in the fridge overnight makes the rice have fewer calories. That was a stretch for me. But then I started thinking: How come one week people are saying coconut oil is good for you, the next you hear it’s bad for you. My news reporting background kicked in ...

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We are feeding our families. We are feeding our friends. But our souls are crying out, for the confusion that surrounds us. Can I get an AMEN? AMEN! CHEF! None of us know what to make of today’s world. But I would like to talk about Refugees since that is our hot topic of the moment. Everyone is from somewhere ...

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Treat Your Bagel Right!

Hi! Today I am going to teach you how to Treat Your Bagel Right! This came up for me today because I brought home Silver Hills herb sprouted garlic bagels. No one wanted to eat them. But here’s the point: If you take your bagel, cut it into three skinny round slices, lightly cover it with Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese ...

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