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Chef’s Tips: How to Cook Healthy

Thought I would take a minute to give you some Chef’s Tips: How to Cook Healthy. Yes. It’s called Chef’s Tips: How to Cook Healthy and unfortunately, I can’t put a period on the end and still have good SEO, so I found my way around it…. WHAT’S BUGGING YOU, CHEF? Why thank you for asking! I see all these blogs, ...

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Myth Busting Organic and Sustainable Food

I received in my ‘inbox’ a note from Prezi that brings up the issue of  Organic vs. Sustainable Food. And that got me thinking and drove me into Myth Busting Organic and Sustainable Food. While their topic did not get reached until half way through their presentation, and they never really hit the nail on the head, I am still grateful to any ...

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Chef Marian agrees with Gwyneth Paltrow

Here’s a thought…………………. Have you ever wondered what kinds of chemicals you are putting on your face, putting on your body? This is why Chef Marian agrees with Gwyneth Paltrow asking us to change a law, to make a difference, and if you answered yes to that question, this is an important issue for you as well. According to an email I received today from ...

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High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Today let’s talk about High-Fructose Corn Syrup. By now you’ve probably heard it’s bad and to keep away from it. But I thought it might help you, to know why. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Carbs convert to sugar. Wine converts to sugar. Pasta converts to sugar. When you eat healthier carbs like brown rice or whole grains, the sugar ...

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Fresh is Best!

This article is about Fresh is Best, but let’s start at the beginning. So I took a trip to The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago….. and when you are coming from San Diego, if you want to do it in one day you can. Or you can stop and get closer to San Francisco, ...

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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King

Another rant…. from Chef Marian! Tomorrow we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King. I received something to my ‘in box’ today that really hit me the wrong way. It was like: “Just as we celebrate MLK (no credit for the Dr. part), we honor the time tested tradition of Sweet Potato Pie. And then they give the recipe. Really? REALLY? ...

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