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Fresh is Best!

This article is about Fresh is Best, but let’s start at the beginning. So I took a trip to The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago….. and when you are coming from San Diego, if you want to do it in one day you can. Or you can stop and get closer to San Francisco, ...

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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King

Another rant…. from Chef Marian! Tomorrow we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King. I received something to my ‘in box’ today that really hit me the wrong way. It was like: “Just as we celebrate MLK (no credit for the Dr. part), we honor the time tested tradition of Sweet Potato Pie. And then they give the recipe. Really? REALLY? ...

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New Finding: Red Wine is Bad for You

What’s good what’s bad? It changes all the time. A new finding says Red Wine is bad for you and the report from England will be released this Friday. According to the Telegraph Newspaper who posted another papers findings in England, “A landmark report by Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies due to be published on Friday will destroy the long-held ...

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Review of Quick Fixes for Weight Loss

It’s the start of a new year, and people who are not happy with their weight are desperate. I thought it might help if I do a quick Review of Quick Fixes for Weight Loss. I have seen friends go through surgery (and later gain every pound back and then some) and someone actually tell me they can’t attend a party ...

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Review of 2015 Culinary Trends

To wrap this year, Sterling Rice Group talked about the 2015 Culinary Trends they expected for this past year and I just wanted to share with you, how I measured up. After 4 years of Tofurkey on Thansgiving, practicing Vegan Meals on Meatless Monday and eating with my Vegan daughter and soon to be son-in-law, I finally went 90% vegan myself. ...

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Help with Food on the Holidays

Help with Food on the Holidays….? Seriously! The trick is Salad! One of the things we do is go to a party hungry. Why not make a quick salad? That will make you feel less hungry and help your body to stay alkaline. And we know that disease cannot grow in an alkaline body, so it’s a double deal for you! ...

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