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Sauerkraut Recipes

This past Saturday I was walking around the store Jimbos with 3 members of my meetup group (Oleg, Faye + Linda) talking about how to pick your fruits and veggies at their prime, what to look out for and then we got to show and tell: my favorite items to buy at Jimbos. If you are interested in knowing more, ...

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Tap Water? Bad idea!

I have experienced the entire gamut of the water debate.  I was working for someone, teaching cooking and he insisted on drinking tap water. To him I said: Tap Water? Bad idea! And I am 100% sure of that! But I did do my research, and hands on research to see what works for me. And I do hope that ...

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Eating Habits in America 2018

I was reading a blog I got from New Hope and thought it might be fun to share Eating Habits in America 2018. They concentrate more on ‘trends’. I am more interested in telling you about the research they share and exploring how, as one of the many food leaders, we can get you into a healthier state. Label Insight, ...

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Resolutions and solutions.

This is my final blog 2017. And I leave you with: Resolutions and solutions. This is the time of resolutions – how we can change our lives, our bodies, our images, our feelings. Transform ourselves. If you haven’t been reading me all year, shame on you. lol No, what I really want to say is: if you haven’t yet heard me ...

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What industry insiders are saying about YOU!

As both a person and The Brand of Chef Marian, people in and out of the industry reach out to me on a regular basis. This particular week, I thought I would share what industry insiders are saying about YOU! I’m talking about you, the restaurant customer. What to do with a cranky, impatient customer…. hmmmmm….. To bread? Or not to bread. ...

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Tasty Trends for the New Year

The Boston Herald is talking about tasty trends for the New Year, so here in San Diego I thought I would join in the fun and steer you in the right direction at the same time! In talking about their local trends here’s what they say about what we’ve been doing for years: On-site gardening. The “eat local” movement finds ...

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