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Chef Marian retired as a success in Business in 1988, putting (as CEO & Founder) of one of the nationwide brands she created, on the Cover of Inc. Magazine. She was nominated for the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award three years in a row. Now it was time to follow her passion.

As she made her way across France from Reims (Champagne) to Nuit St. George to Pauillac and Bordeaux, she enjoyed the tasting rooms, cooked in restaurant kitchens learning chef skills and took cooking classes at well known restaurants. On a three-year trip around the world she cooked in kitchens in Bordeaux, Paulliac, Lucca, Firenze, Melbourne, and Bangkok.

Chef Marian hosted a cooking webcast for many years teaching people how to cook and pair wine in Los Angeles, now does both filmed interview and cooking shows and is eager to continue that tradition online enjoying the things she creates best: cooking classes & wine dinners at both peoples’ homes and in restaurants.

Chef Marian continues blogging regularly and spends a lot of time researching questions asked during her normal work week, and then blogs about them educating both herself and you in a fun and informative way. She has worked with Chefs, creating ‘tasting’ members for her groups San Diego Foodies and Euro Lovers and Friends with almost 5,000 members on Meetup.

She has enjoyed food in all the major Michelin Star Restaurants around the world tasting food from Alain Ducasse, Tom Aikens, Gordon Ramsey, Joel Robuchon, Paul Bocuse, etc.

Our traveling Chef is the first to admit that nothing gets done alone. She has developed an extensive network of people that help her accomplish all of her short and long term goals.

Chef Marian is an author of 3 books on food and nutrition.

This serial entrepreneur created the Chef Marian Brand in 2010 and her latest Foundation is called ‘No-Face-Goes-Un-Fed’, to end hunger in San Diego. Many important Chefs have joined in her ‘mastermind’.

In addition to providing her expertise regarding healthy and flavorful cooking, she is also a fun and exciting “food entertainer” who appeared on stage cooking at The Del Mar Fairgrounds four times in June.  For the past 4 years, you saw her at the Home and Hobby Kitchen Stage teaching “Food is Your Best Medicine” and “Cancer Fighting Foods”. You may have also noticed that she always brings up great local chefs and cooks to share the spotlight and educate you from a few different angles. And if you are a resident at UCSD, you found her in your classroom teaching Food and Nutrition with a complete Powerpoint Presentation and Food Demonstration.

For many years now, she has posted Restaurant Reviews on both her blog, yelp and throughout her social media and goes back from time to time to update you on the consistency of a restaurant in Restaurant Reviews. The blog has over 30,000 readers!

I think the area she most enjoys are the Cooking Parties she creates in people’s homes and the private lessons both in person and by phone, to help you understand how to substitute healthier choices. This Chef will answer any and all questions you have on how to create better meals that taste great and are actually better for you.

According to Art Kaliel and others: “You haven’t had a party until you’ve had one with Chef Marian. She’s funny … she’s knowledgeable and everyone has a great time cooking.”

As Chef Marian continues getting comments from people on the street who recognize her either from her blog, San Diego Foodies, any of her social media postings or online videos, it becomes apparent that she is a beloved local Rock Star in food and nutrition.

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