Hot Topic Sizzle: Nutrition in the News Today!

Written By: Chef Marian - Nov• 22•14

Nutrition in the News Today! That’s our Hot Topic Sizzle! Have you heard about The Global Nutrition Report?

The Global Nutrition Report officially launched on November 20, 2014.

“The commissioning and development of the Global Nutrition Report is guided by a high-level Stakeholder Group comprising members of government, donor organisations, civil society, multilateral organisations and the business sector. The Stakeholder Group provides strategic leadership in building support for the Report”.

Sounds like a good game plan, to me! Any time we have people coming together from different countries to keep tracking, steering and holding leaders responsible for the global ship to better nutrition worldwide, I am doing a happy dance! It really helps me to see the bigger picture and hopefully it will widen your scope too!

Here are their findings:



This is a snapshot of the global status of nutrition in 2014. It highlights the global scale of the whole spectrum of malnutrition throughout the lifecycle, the wider determinants of nutrition, and the policy environment that influences nutrition. It complements individual country profiles and facilitates comparison of national-level data with the global situation.

I’ve provided the link to the actual report so that you can go on and dig in for specific information about each country. But the colors go from dark to light. Darkest? Not an issue for that country. As the colors lighten and change, the more issues they have.

To me this map shows a disastrous picture. At the same time, this map clearly shows the United States has significantly less issues than other countries. So our local picture, compared to the world is better. And yet…..? America is not big on nutrition. Not everyone is fed. And not everyone is eating properly.

What does it come down to? Finding a way to absorb nutrients. It’s a simple formula: eat food that hasn’t been interfered with. Not processed. Don’t eat sugar, eat less of foods that convert to sugar and things your body can’t process, like chemicals and dairy. One day at a time. Make changes in baby steps. Less sugar. Less sugar. And maybe one day? No sugar!

Now it’s a separate journey each of us goes on. We all do our own research for our own bodies. Do we listen to our bodies?

I don’t think everybody pays attention, but I know that I do. And if I have eaten something that changes my mood, or makes me tired, I know my body is talking and I’d better pay attention!

That’s me.

And I think that’s why I am on here blogging. Many of my conversations with you are explaining what vegetables, what fruits and what spices are good to eat and why. I am talking about and explaining the GMO story. I am now exploring food combining and reporting some of what I have learned (last blog). More information may make you more mindful of what is on that fork headed into that body of yours!

I have a goal and I have designed a life around it. It is my hope to get more than just myself into mindful eating. I am looking to give you a better understanding of how the body processes food so that you can make better choices.

I am making my mark on this world, one person at a time. Painting a picture, like the map above, clearly gives us a better understanding of nutrition in the world. Over 300 blogs here can give you a clearer picture of nutrition and food if you take the time to read it. Whether you sign up through Chef’s Tips, or just click on my RSS Feed, the words are yours for the taking!

And if you find this blog worthwhile? Feel free to share it on Facebook, or tweet about it!

Now, I would like to hear from you. How are you making your mark on this world?

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian Sign Off



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