Tis the season to shop and eat: Shimbashi Izakaya Review

Written By: Chef Marian - Dec• 09•14

It seems that I have been hitting a string of exceptional Fusion and Sushi places lately. Last review was Roy’s in La Jolla. Incredibly good. Worth the money spent.

And now here’s a second recommendation in the world of sushi: Next time you are in Del Mar and not sure where to go to eat? Try Shimbashi Izakaya. They are located in the Plaza across from L’Auberge.

The first thing you can’t miss is how friendly everyone is. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Next: the menu. It reminds me of a portfolio of pictures – a book, not a menu. They’re not selling you. They’re seducing you! What a great idea of how to start your meal!

Sushi at its' finest! Best recommendation for dining in Del Mar!

Sushi at its’ finest! Best recommendation for Del Mar!

If you click on their site, you will get way better pix than I can deliver here… This was just taking things off other plates and loading them on to mine – certainly not the impeccable plating that arrived at our table from the kitchen!

And you have choices: you can eat inside, or at the sushi bar or outside. They have heaters so there’s plenty of space to have a lovely meal.

Now…. you may be surprised at some of their prices. But I will say this: They are serving up fish right out of the ocean, the quality of what you are getting can’t be beat, the choices are amazing and they are creating beautiful and flavorful plates of food, not skimping on more expensive ingredients, as other Sushi places do. So here we have a second place to dine when someone asks “Can I take you to dinner”? Or even when the family gets together and thinks…. where should we eat?  You can actually make yourself the ‘hero’ this holiday with this recommendation!

When you leave this restaurant? Not only have you been fed, but you have truly nurtured your taste buds.

Bravo Shimbash Izaka! Please let GM Hideko know Chef Marian’s review is what brought you in!

One more recommendation: since it’s in the same plaza with Michael Seewald’s Gallery….. you can walk the mall to burn off dinner and end your meal with a nice stroll through his gallery as well. It’s a delightful evening for sure!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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