Hot topic Sizzle: Possible wage increase!

Written By: Chef Marian - Aug• 28•14

Manager Billy & Chef Dizzle formerly at Searsucker, always on the move for a better opportunity!

Manager Billy & Chef Dizzle formerly at Searsucker, always on the move even within their company, for a better opportunity!

The Hot Topic Sizzle is: Possible wage increase for minimum wage earners like ……. Waiters? Waitresses? How ’bout those Dishwashers?

But actually there was an article in the paper last week talking about an increase for all, no matter if you’re in the food industry or not. Since I am in the food industry, I started to think of who would really be affected… I mean is the food industry any different than any other industry, in what they pay staff?


Well, a report just came out from The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) saying that 40% of all restaurant employees live in poverty. People often ask me what restaurant I own or work at. I usually laugh. Mostly because it’s not my goal. My goal is to end hunger in San Diego (just a small girl with a small dream) lol with my foundation “No-Face-Goes-Un-Fed”. And to fund that, I’m going to create a cooking show, not currently on TV. It’s a great idea for a show, but if I share it with you I’ll have to send Louie over to tape your mouth…. So I’ll just keep it to myself until I actually film it! lol

I’ve always contributed in some way to making the world a better place. I’ve worked for non-profits, and personally funded programs to give a hand up (not a hand out). But when we get into politicks, you loose me. And that’s where we are with this increase.

According to the Union Tribune: “The San Diego City Council voted Monday to override Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s veto of gradual increases in the local minimum wage to $11.50 an hour by 2017, starting the clock on a referendum campaign that business leaders have said they’ll pursue. If opponents can collect the 34,000 valid signatures required for a referendum by Sept. 17, the wage increases will be held in abeyance pending an election in June 2016. If the signature drive falls short, the wage hikes will go into effect in January with an increase for local minimum wage workers from $9 an hour to $9.75.

All I know is most waiters/waitresses make $10 per hour tips included. No adjustment for inflation since 2,000. The average of a worker outside the restaurant industry is $18 per hour. Something’s gotta give!

Ya think you should start tipping 20% or more all the time now? Or somehow support the side for the increase in wages?

Alright. Alright. Alright. You’re informed. I’ve done my job!

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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