Chocolate covered Ants anyone?

Written By: Chef Marian - Sep• 21•14

Special thanks to Wiki for providing this picture of an ant!

Special thanks to Wiki for providing this picture of an ant!

Chocolate covered Ants ….. that’s what we would answer to the question: “What’s that you’re eating”? (when we didn’t want to share). But at this time of the year, many people I’ve talked to are going crazy with ants, and would take them gone no matter what it takes to make that happen. Right?


Not me. I’m so grateful. But I remember years ago, decades ago actually following that trail of ants wondering how they work. Well, I think we all know that the queen sits some where else while the ‘workers’ march food to her. What a life! What a life! lol

And my soon to be son-in-law told me yesterday, the queen dies when they bring back corn meal. So? What are you waiting for? Go try it and let me know if it works! That’s certainly better than chemicals, right?


Now when I was going through this myself, my son (at that time) told me it really keeps the ants in one place if you surround them with soap and water (more soap than water). So I tried that and found it was true. They didn’t invade my entire space. But’t it still didn’t do the job. They still walked around the area they were in for days and didn’t seem like they were ever going to leave. I was thinking they needed to pay rent! lol

But here’s the good news: ants go crazy around peppermint and leave. My daughter puts essential oil in a spray bottle. The added benefit? The house smells lovely, just like peppermint candy! How refreshing!

Other things I have heard about? Spraying lemon, or super hot water. Hot water seems cruel to me. So I won’t be doing that one…. I’ve even heard that if you take an artificial sweetener (the one’s in the pink and blue packets)? They bring those chemicals back and the ants go away.

Now aren’t these way better cures than spraying chemicals? Or spending copious or as I like to say ree-dunk-u-lus amounts of money for traps?

I think so. That’s why I am sharing this with you on this beautiful sunny southern California afternoon! And don’t forget: chocolate covered ants. That’s a promising idea as well! lol

Happy Eating,

Chef Marian

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